RLI offers Rotary knowledge courses in three sessions (Parts I, II, and III.) Those completing each course are eligible for the next. There are Graduate courses available to those who have completed the three-part RLI curriculum.  The courses are designed to provide leadership skills while advancing Rotary knowledge and understanding.

PART 1 – “THE ROTARIAN Your introduction to the RLI experience. Begin your day by meeting fellow Rotarians and your Rotarian Discussion Leaders. Emphasis is placed on providing an overview of Rotary programs and helping develop ideas that participants can take back to their Rotary Clubs. Courses include: 

1.1 – I’m a Rotarian!
1.2 – Rotary Opportunities
1.3 – Ethics & Vocational Service
1.4 – Rotary, the Bigger Picture
1.5 – Foundation Basics

PART 2 – “ THE ROTARY CLUB The RLI journey continues, the depth of subject matter increases and focus is placed on fostering the qualities of a knowledgeable Rotarian by building on the basics learned in Part I. The day includes an individual analysis of your Rotary Club and its effectiveness. Courses include:

2.1 – Analyzing Your Rotary Club
2.2 – Planning for Success
2.3 – Fundraising
2.4 – Communication Techniques
2.5 – Membership Attraction
2.6 – Service Projects

PART 3 – “THE ROTARY JOURNEY The final phase of RLI, courses become much more in-depth and detailed. Learn about opportunities available to you and your club through RI and how to best utilize them. Understand what it means to be a Rotarian and how you can use your RLI knowledge to better serve your club. Courses include:

3.1 – Rotary History
3.2 – Leading Volunteers
3.3 – Public Image
3.4 – Rotary Foundation Grants
3.5 – International Service
3.6 – Making a Difference  (in-person only)

RLI Graduate Courses

For those who become RLI Graduates following successful completion of the three-part curriculum series of RLI Graduate Courses focused on one Rotary subject for the entire day and are comprehensive and detailed. Current Graduate Courses include:

    • Membership
    • The Rotary Foundation
    • Public Speaking
    • Transforming Your Club (managing change)
    • Facilitation Techniques